What people say


A chance to clean house...

"She (Jackie) says the programs are a chance to physically clean house to rid yourself of even a small amount of toxins, waste matter, and metabolic debris stored in tissue and floating around in your bloodstream. You will begin to experience emotional and physical weight loss that creates a new vitality and clarity.”

“The yoga intensive was challenging but rewarding and I think I coped well. Jackie has quite a talent for being both tough and gentle at the same time. Great week with great people and something I would definitely do again”
Age 50ish years young

A brilliant way to start the year

“I have even started entering the great ocean again, after a very long spell, my last dip in the ocean was approximately three years ago. The seven day challenge was a brilliant way to start the year. Jackie is an inspiration to many of us women on the island no matter what size, age or state of dementia we’re at.”
60ish young

Yoga turned my life around

"Yoga turned my life around, Gentle Yoga, releasing tight joints and muscles. It’s corrected my posture and breathing too. In life before, when things were hard, I gritted my teeth, held my breath, had slack stomach muscles which in turn compromised my back and neck. Yoga makes me feel energized, invigorated and a much more relaxed and happier person.

Power yoga, I thought was beyond the capability of a 68 year old broken down famer. Jackie encouraged me to give it a go! It’s not easy but the energy and the high that I feel for days after is fantastic. It’s fun and stimulating sharing with different people and gives me the strength and flexibility to enjoy horse riding again and I’m now taking up diving beyond my dreams. Don’t miss out on giving Jackie’s yoga or fitness classes a few tries, it’s my fountain of youth with wrinkles.

We can’t stop the clock but let’s take every opportunity to stop the rot."
Female 68 years young

Balance and core strength

"Yoga has improved my balance and core strength – this has improved my surfing."
Male 50ish young

My body loves it!

"I come for the great music and the fun, and my body loves it too."
Female 60ish young

I am addicted

"I am addicted to the physical challenge of Jackie’s Power Yoga, and can see the transformation in my body."
Female 40 years young

Jackie is totally committed

"I began attending every week nearly a year ago and have felt so much better for it. In fact I’ve now felt motivated to continue the gentle stretching at home on the other days, and have made it part of my daily routine. What I really appreciate is Jackie’s total commitment to helping each individual achieve her/his own well–being goals, no matter whether they’re “beginner” or “advanced”, “flexible” or “stiff”.

Jackie gives clear instructions and encouragement, so that each of us knows to go at our own ‘pace’ and take good care of ourselves in the process.

There’s always a mutually supportive environment in the classes, making them a highlight of my week."
Female 63 yrs young