Yoga Types


Gentle Yoga

Are you interested in practising a Gentle Yoga?
Then try Yoga Chi Gung – incorporating an holistic approach - gentle, still powerful yet designed to be body friendly and suitable for those who might find other types of yoga a bit challenging.

About Yoga Chi Gung

    • To move and use the body in the most natural way, based on biomechanics.
    • Practice within your capacity. Extension without tension. Challenge without stress.
    • Soft joints, knees, elbows, shoulders, hips.
    • Always maintain some reserve, stretch to no more than 90%.
    • Allowing the breath to flow naturally while maintaining breath awareness.
    • Awareness of centre (Dantien, Nabi, Hara).
    • Vinyasa and intelligent sequencing to build the intensity of the practice. Ease yourself into posture.
    • Weight underside, top light, grounded with a strong foundation.
    • Face and neck relaxed.
    • Yoga Chi Gung does not require past experience or a level of flexibility to practice.


A typical class might include....

    • Relaxation / Centreing
    • Joint release (warm up)
    • Pummelling
    • Standing chi gung
    • Floor yoga postures
    • Meditation
    • Relaxation


The primary focus in the practice is on observing and feeling the breath, allowing it to flow freely and naturally. Awareness of the natural breath is an important key to self-harmony and increases energy production and oxygenation in the body. Practising with breath awareness enables the individual to work with a firm yet soft focus, allowing the breath itself to be the gauge of how much effort to make, rather than the will; this also integrates body and mind.

The practise is done from a point of presence, emphasising the recognition that we are already divine and that unity is our natural state as opposed to the seeking of it. The focus becomes enjoying the practice as a way of consciously aligning the body-mind with the energies of nature and cultivating harmony of polarities within oneself.

All the exercises are ‘body friendly’ and soft. The muscular-skeletal system automatically becomes strong and flexible as the spirit body is filled with energy.

Internal Exercises, like yoga and chi gung, have been used in the Orient for thousands of years to help heal disease, prolong life, resolve stress and cultivate awareness. Yoga Chi Gung is a simple yet powerful body friendly practice, a unique synthesis of Yoga, Chi Gung and several other movement and health systems including Pilates, the Feldenkrais method and the Alexander technique.


Power Yoga

Our Yoga Vinyasa sequences draw on traditional postures that encourage a strong efficient body, which in turn increases vitality.

Straddie Power Yoga stimulates and challenges emotional attitudes, converting apprehension into courage, indecision into decisiveness, confusion into clarity. Our classes restore a simple peace to the heart and mind that allows a calm relaxation and freedom. They also increase core stability, balance, flexibility.

When the elements of our being, mind, body & spirit, come into balance we become aware of the divinity within us. We discover our authentic self and this leads us to see the light in others and the beauty in all life.

Our community encourages healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits, but are not fanatical or dogmatic about how you need to be. We accept all people and their philosophies.

Qualities developed under the Straddie Power Yoga philosophy:

    • Humility
    • Self-Awareness
    • Courage
    • Cheerfulness
    • Strength
    • Presence
    • Surrender


Honestly the benefits aren’t limited to these; you’ll feel fantastic, look great and shine brighter than ever before… You’re meant to shine brightly, don’t let anyone put you down; let’s see the light within you beaming please!!!

The body is your temple , keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in – BKS Iyengar.

Power for your Body, Energy for your soul – Wisdom for your mind.

Go ahead, it’s time... Transform your LIFE!


You are welcome to join in with the locals at our scheduled classes


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